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Clean WordPress Themes Are Making The Web Better!
With the push away from skeuomorphism and towards a more flat design aesthetic, it’s not really that hard to understand why clean WordPress themes are making such an impact.

Their clutter-free layouts and overall clean lines tend to facilitate the new design trends but it goes even further…

The results of these bold moves towards minimalism, clean lines and careful layout have proven to be more than just skin deep. The user-friendliness of these design decisions has meant that we are now seeing faster page load times, less navigation confusion and overall happier site visitors.

While we’ll undoubtedly see more design changes on the web as time progresses, clean WordPress themes are here to stay. They present content in a timeless fashion and are far less prone to show their age.

And when it comes to mobile responsiveness, they are truly hard to beat. With ample white space and clear functionality baked into the package, it’s easy to see why everyone from photographers to caterers to technology blogs are switching to clean themes.

Simplicity and streamlined sophistication are tough to resist. Are you presenting your WordPress website in the best light?

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