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More and more business owners are now marketing their businesses on Twitter. With any serious business you want to have a professional online presence. Many social networks allow for the modification of their default theme, and with that Twitter is no exception. But you want to take it to the next level. You want your background to stand out and set you apart. Making use of a custom-designed background will create a substantial impact.

How can you design your Twitter background?

Let’s first start with the information you wish to convey. You will want to include your business name, perhaps a logo, textual links to your business website or possibly other social network URLs. Other information you can include a short bio, contact information or a photo of yourself. Next you want to consider your palette, and color for the sidebar. All of these elements will display to the left hand side of the Twitter post area.

For a more professional and cleaner look (for those who want to use Twitter as a marketing tool), don’t include any tile on the image.

You can use imaging software such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to create your background. You need to create a large image that can occupy the computer screen but without tiling. It is suggested that you create a background image 1280×1024. Understand that making use of anything smaller will create a situation in which your visitors see less of your design.

For your sidebar, you can line up your images or photos, business info, and website; this bar begins on the upper left-hand side of your image. It can also include your name, job title, blog URL, specialty, social network URL, and other important information.

Save you image as a jpeg or if you wish to have a faster loading image, save it as a gif. Once you have saved your image, login to your Twitter account. On the upper right, click on ‘Settings’. From there you will want to click on the ‘Design’ tab. Click on the link ‘change background image’. By clicking on ‘browse’, you can now find the image that you’ve previously created. Leave the tile check-box unchecked. Finally, click on ‘save changes’. After several seconds, you will have a custom Twitter background image.

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